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14 Fruits For Diabetics You Should Avoid, Unless You Want To Risk Your Life

Our present lifestyle has led us to consume more and more junk food and our children and even many of us just avoid taking fruits and vegetables. This tendency is pushing us towards many health complications. I will say, specially our ignorance is the main obstruction to fight diabetes. I know now you are thinking that you are not ignorant as you have read so much about diabetes and you are going through it but, did you try to find a natural way to prevent diabetes? Did you try to reduce your medications by taking fruits? Did you ever think what fruits will be beneficial and what will be detrimental? If the answer is no, then I must say it is time for you to know more about fruits for diabetes and explore the unknown possibilities.

Sweet Apples! Sweet life!!

Let’s start with the most common one- Apples!! Most of the time apples taste sweet which means it has a little bit of more sugar than other fruits. If you have diabetes, it doesn’t mean that you can’t eat sweet fruits!! For diabetes patients, the amount of carbohydrate shouldn’t cross 15 grams. This means, you can take high carbohydrate fruits in small amount so that it doesn’t cross 15 grams and you can take low carbohydrate fruits in a larger amount until it reaches 15 grams. May be now you are thinking, ‘How am I supposed to know how much carbohydrates are there in my fruit?’ Don’t you worry!! Here is the link to know the amount of carbs in your fruits (link).

The most precious thing that apples contain is antioxidants. I think you have heard the ‘antioxidant’ term more often in cosmetics as I have seen in many advertisements that they say their product has antioxidant property and it will help to rejuvenate skin and will hide your age wrinkles. The concept is not at all wrong. Actually antioxidants are compounds that prevent the activity of free radicals which causes damage to our cells. And when you have diabetes, you are more prone to infections and damages of cells, so by taking apples you can save the cells from getting damaged. It is quite an easy solution to take apples often than taking tablets for your damaged cells.

Kiwi:The cleanser, the helper!!

Whenever I put this one in my mouth, it feels so refreshing and full. The good thing about kiwi is it’s a fibrous fruit. And like other fibrous fruits or vegetables they help to cleanse your blood from cholesterol. They sort of act like a broom which cleanse away the cholesterol, so that they can’t deposit in your arteries and the sugar of kiwi is easy to metabolize than other fruits’ sugar, so it doesn’t even cause a little bit of spike of blood sugar and if you eat a kiwi after a meal then it will help insulin to maintain blood sugar level. Isn’t that amazing!!

Jamun: The only zero calorie fruit!

Jamun is a seasonal fruit. The fruit has a mostly sweet with a little bit of sour taste and it leaves a violet stain in your mouth!!! Oh! No, don’t bother the stain, it will go away. Jamun is the only fruit that has zero calories. Isn’t that great to hear! Well, now the information I am going to give you is so good that in fact I read it twice to make myself sure. Before insulin was discovered, the diabetic patients were told to eat the whole jamun which helped many patients and this practice was also evident in Europe. You can also read it from here (link).

In fact powdered seeds of this fruit are found to be really efficacious to control blood sugar. So, certainly you can rely on jamun! I think this is the best fruit for diabetes.
Cherries: Your future diabetic medicine

I always thought they look good, they taste good but never thought that they could be really beneficial for diabetes. Cherries contain a group of compounds known as anthocyanins and with the presence of these anthocyanins insulin production could increase a lot. So, in near future, I can guarantee your doctor will suggest cherries as a diabetic treatment.

Blueberries: The glucose converter

Blueberries can help to turn glucose into energy; this means that you will feel energetic if you take them. Moreover, if glucose is converted to energy, there won’t be any excess in your blood. The fruit is also good for losing weight as well as for belly fat.

These fruits are the best options for diabetes. But there are several fruits which should be avoided or which requires your attention before eating them. Let’s talk about it too, so that we could get a clear idea of what to eat and what not to.

Avoid large fruits:

Most of the time, we look for big apples, big oranges, I mean we have a tendency to buy fruits which are a bit of bigger in size!! Though it is weird to hear but I have seen whenever people go near to fruit shops, they try to pick the larger one, it’s not your fault,and it is our aesthetic sense that compels us to do that. Bigger apples have more than 30 grams of carbohydrates and the fact isalso true for lager oranges, pears. This concept also holds true for papaya and melon. If you like these fruits, don’t forget to keep the serving less than ½ cup.
Stay away from high glycemic indexed food:

Let’s know about glycemic index first. It’s a numerical measuring system which measures any food’s impact on blood sugar in comparison to glucose. Fruits having the value of 70 or more are high glycemic indexed food. For example, pineapples, ripe bananas, melons. Taking these fruits will lead to immediate spike in the blood sugar level which may lead to complications in diabetic patients.

Maintain a safe distance from fruit juices:

Juices have fruits but the fact is, they don’t have fibers and without fiber, these fruits are not going to work in the same way like before. Moreover, their carbohydrate content is really high and once you take a sip, before knowing you finished it. So it will be better to keep distance from it.

It’s your life, your choice. But your consciousness could help you to reduce the number of medications, could help you to prevent diabetes. So, look before you leap!! Now that you know all the facts, sticking to fruits good for diabetics could make your life better, healthier and easier.