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7 Life-Saving Tips About The Best Cereal For Diabetics

Cereal – who doesn’t know this food? Almost everyone consumes cereal, especially when they are in a rush and have no time to eat anything other than a simple, quick food like cereal? But while most people can do that and plan on eating morning cereals as a daily routine, the “eat-me-now” cereals are limited for diabetics, therefore it is important for us to know the best cereal for diabetics. Why we have to be picky about cereals for diabetics? Are they different from the others? Yes, the cereal for diabetics usually has a lower glycemic index. If you don’t know about the glycemic index and its purpose in diabetics, you can read about it in here (you can attach a hyperlink to my other article).

It is best to keep our blood sugar in normal state due to increased risk of complications that may happen when your blood glucose is uncontrolled. It can lead to blindness, and foot ulcer that may lead to amputation, as well as heart disease that can cause sudden cardiac arrest and high risk of mortality. Therefore, the best cereal for diabetics is the one that have low glycemic index in order to maintain our blood sugar. What is the role of cereal other than lowering the blood sugar? There are several purposes of cereal that you need to know:

  • It will aid fiber to your daily consumes foods
  • Reducing the risk of heart failure
  • Prevent an increase in weight

So how do we choose the best cereal for diabetics?

  1. Always read the labels
    Yes, always read the nutrition label that came with your preference cereal for diabetes. It is important due to the lack of information that you may have and might be missed. Be careful to check everything that comes with the cereal package.
  2. When it comes to the ingredients…
    Most cereals that are safely consumed for diabetics, was produced from whole grain foods. Even a Dietary journal noted that the need of our body daily can conclude half of the grain servings that came from whole-grain foods.
  3. Avoid eats the unhealthy foods, especially fats
    Even though we try our best not too often consumes the unhealthy foods, but some cereals may contain fats more than the others, such as granolas, thus, it is best for you to ensure that the cereals that you consumed have low fat especially the saturated one, as well as the trans-fat.
  4. Find the one that has protein inside
    There are numerous cereals that may contain proteins. The protein will keep your body healthy and control your hunger. It is best to choose the cereals that have more than 3 grams of protein in every serving. Another way to have additional protein is consumed milk together with your cereal, of course!
  5. Choose cereals that have the most fiber
    It really helps you, just like the old man’s tale that always suggest us to consume fiber each day, in order to keep you healthy. Fiber should be consumed daily, approximately up to 38 grams of fibers can be safely consumed every day, but the best cereal is the one that has minimum 3 grams of fibers each serving. Such as muesli, large oat flakes, quinoa and bran cereals.
  6. Avoid the high sugar cereals
    Although we really love the sugary sweet cereals and those various colors, but cereals tend to have more sugar. However, in the majority vast of cases, the cereals may consist sugar due to its natural history that composed of grains. Always remember to limit the sugar that you consume up to 10 grams of sugar in every serving, in order to keep your blood glucose in their normal state.
  7. Limit the butter and margarine
    The use of margarine and butter for your cereal may seem tasty, but it is wise to not let the tastiness eat you back. You can have the margarine and butter, but make sure to limit them.
    Cereals are best friend for diabetes if you know the best way to approach them. Keep the “healthy – friendship” between your diabetes and cereals

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