signs of diabetes in men and women

Attention: Signs Of Diabetes In Men and Women

Have you noticed any visible unexpected weight loss or have you been making frequent trips to bathroom? Are you also feeling extremely thirsty, hungry and nauseated from a past couple of days? You are also feeling weakness and dizziness accompanied with pain and numbness in the limbs? Heads up, these could be amongst the many symptoms of diabetes. There are two types of Diabetes; type 1 and type 2. The type 1 of diabetes also known as juvenile diabetes is more prevalent among the children and young people. It refers to a condition when the body stops making insulin which is used to turn food into energy. This is a rare type of diabetes which is thought to be caused more because of genetic setup. However, its actual causes are still not sure .The type 1 diabetes is characterized by a sudden weight loss in women. The type 2 diabetes is more of a silent disease because it can thrive well without being diagnosed. The type 2, diabetes on the other hand, refers to condition when the body develops insulin resistance. This means that our body starts requiring more amount of insulin to keep the blood sugar at normal levels.

Men are at higher risk for type 2 diabetes than women. Type 2 diabetes affects 90-95% of 13million men all across the globe. Men in the age bracket of 34-55 years are more prone to diabetes. The reason for comparatively more signs of diabetes in men is due to the fact that men have most of their fat on their stomach while women develop fat on their thighs and hips which keep them at a lower risk than men.

Symptoms of Diabetes in Men and Women

Common in Men and Women In Women Only In Men Only
Frequent Urination Vaginal infections Erectile dysfunction
Excessive craving for food and water Urinary Tract infections Genital Itchiness
Weakness due to continuous Weight loss Gestational diabetes
Blurred eyesight Unexpected Weight loss
Numbness and Pain in the Limbs Itching around Vagina
Dry mouth
Slow Healing


Explanation of Common Diabetic Symptoms in Men and Women:

The need to urinate frequently: Amongst the other diabetic symptoms is that you may go the bathroom too often to urinate. The reason for this excessive urination is that body tries to pass out the surplus glucose from the body via urine.

Excessive craving for food and water: Men and Women with diabetes suffer from polyphagia where there is persistent urge to eat more even after eating. These people also suffer from polydipsia, which is amongst the early signs of diabetes in men and women. It is a condition whereby a man may experience continuous thirst. According to recent researches 65% of men already have polydipsia before being diagnosed with diabetes.

Weakness due to continuous Weight loss: Although its’ not a common symptom of diabetes still some people suffer from weight loss because the reduced insulin production compels the body to break down fats to compensate for the loss of energy. It is more common in people with type 1 diabetes.

Blurred eyesight: Men and Women with diabetes could also have blurred vision. This is caused due to high blood sugar levels which cause the blood vessels in the entire body, especially eyes, to contract. This sometimes put pressure on the vessels in the eye and breaks it leading to formation of new vessel. However this new blood vessel can lead to leakage of blood thus partially or fully obstructing vision.

Numbness and Pain in the Limbs: There could be pain and numbness around the hands, legs and feet. High sugar level cause reduced blood supply which cause numbness and pain in the limbs. This usually happens when the diabetes
has long been undiagnosed.

Dry mouth: It is a sign of dehydration. It usually happens when the blood sugar level is too low.

Slow Healing: Very slow healing of wounds is one of the early diabetic symptoms in women. High sugar level in the blood obstructs the blood circulation making it difficult for blood to reach wounds and soars on the skin. Women and Men both suffer from slow healing during diabetes

Signs of Diabetes in Women Only:

Vaginal infections: Women with diabetes suffer from vaginal infections. It happens when the vagina becomes swollen due to infection caused by yeast and bacteria. Females feel immense pain during sexual intercourse and also find it difficult to achieve orgasm. This infection also causes lack of sex drive causing psychological problems.

Urinary Tract infections: Diabetic women suffer from UTI (urinary tract infection). It is a bacterial infection caused by high glucose levels which provides fertile place for bacterial breeding. UTI cause immense pain and burning sensation during urination. Doctors normally recommend drinking plenty of water to counter this infection and avoid dehydration.

Gestational diabetes: It is one of the symptoms of diabetes in women which is developed during the pregnancy period. According to statistics, 2 to 10% of pregnant women get this type of diabetes. During pregnancy, hormones make cells insensitive to insulin. So when the need for insulin rises during pregnancy, the cells don’t produce enough insulin causing the blood sugar level to rise. The main cause of such diabetes is obesity and family history of diabetics. The only main symptom is excessive urination and high sugar level in urine.

Unexpected Weight loss: Women may experience continuous and unexpected weight loss because the reduced insulin production compels the body to break down fats to compensate for the loss of energy. It is more common in people with type 1 diabetes.

Itching around Vagina: Persistent high glucose level cause production of yeast infection which causes serious itchiness around vagina of women.

Signs of Diabetes in Men only:

Erectile dysfunction: This symptom refers to a condition where a man is unable to maintain an erection for stable sexual intercourse. It happens when the glucose level is too high which hinders the blood supply to the penis. It has been found that men with diabetes are 2 to 3 times more at risk of erectile dysfunction compared to men with no diabetes.

Genital Itchiness: Constant high level of glucose can cause the male yeast infection. This would lead to itching around the genital area. It can also cause soreness of skin due to consistent friction.

Prevention for Diabetic Symptoms in Men and Women

The prevention for diabetes requires not just few actions but a complete change in the lifestyle. There are few main actions which can lead people to evade diabetes.

1. Try to Maintain an Active lifestyle: Regular and moderate physical activity is a pre-requisite to avoid diabetes. Both Men and women are required to have physical output to achieve insulin efficiency and maintaining blood sugar level. Since Men are more at risk of diabetes, so they should do extra effort to avoid building up fats on their stomach. This would require them to walk extra mile, do extra exercise and aerobics than women. Physical output matched with food intake would maintain glucose level in the body, thus obviating any chances for Diabetes.

2. Healthy Diet: All the efforts in physical activity would go in vain, if the diet is not healthy. You should consume wholesome food comprising of fruits, wholegrain and fiber. All such food containing excessive amount of sugar should be avoided e.g cold drinks, triffles etc. However sweets and other glucagon sources should be made readily available in order to handle low sugar levels.

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3. A Regular checkup of Sugar level: One should always check his/her sugar level in order to detect any early sign of diabetes. The patients can also wear Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) if they find it difficult to monitor their sugar levels on daily basis. Once diagnosed with diabetes, they should regularly take the medicine as prescribed by the doctor.

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