good foods for diabetics

Best foods to lower blood sugar levels!

Diabetes is a disease closely related to food. It’s not only that diabetics have to control their weight, they also have to consider their blood sugar in order to be as close as possible to the normal levels. Although there are a number of foods which are not good for diabetics, there are many healthy choices that a diabetic should eat. Good foods for diabetics are considered the ones that have a low Glycaemic Index and are low in calories.

The group of meat has choices that should be avoided such as bacon, but also provides some good alternative protein sources without out high fat content, such as chicken. Another good source of protein , low in fat, are fresh wild fishes like tuna.

When talking about fruits, a diabetic has a wide variety of choices, but best foods for diabetics are the fruits that are very high in fibers and low in sugars, in order not to increase the glucose levels rapidly. It’s also better to choose fruits that are not mature. Great choices are green apples, pears, strawberries.

Low fat or zero fat dairy are a group that belongs to the best foods for diabetics. They provide a good ratio of proteins and carbohydrates adding very little or no fat. Every diabetic should include a cup of milk of yogurt in their diet. And if someone is a fan of cheese, cottage cheese seems to be the best alternative .

Nuts are also a source of beneficial fats, they are high in fiber and for sure belong to best foods for diabetics. The quantity of course should be limited because they have a lot of calories, but they are full of beneficial ingredients so they are considered as necessary. Among nuts, walnuts are the best choice, also because of their antioxidant properties.

Legumes and especially beans could be called as the “King” of good foods for diabetics. They provide many fibers, have low glycaemic index, and also provide a good mix of proteins and carbohydrates. Adding legumes twice a week in the diet of a diabetic, is a good step for the improvement of the blood glucose sugar levels.

Whole grain cereals and bread are foods that every diabetic should include in their daily diet. Whole grain foods have low glycaemic index, but also help in the control of satiety. Bread is a food we consume frequently, so eating whole grain bread is an essential part of the lifestyle modification a diabetic has to adopt.

Considering vegetables, a diabetic has plenty of healthy choices. There is no doubt that all green vegetables are good foods for a diabetic. Lettuce, spinach , broccoli and cucumber are the leaders of healthy vegetables for a diabetic.

Nowadays diabetics have a great variety of foods choices. Some of the foods for diabetics are healthy, and some others claim so , but this does not reflect the truth. What diabetic should have in mind when choosing foods, is not to affect their blood sugar ,and not to gain body weight. Choosing low calories, low glycaemic index foods is the only solution for a diabetic to control effectively their blood sugar levels and generally their disease.