diabetes glucose levels

Is blood sugar level play a big role in diabetes?

As an individual, it is humane to have curiosity, especially if you are new to diabetes or just heard about it. Several articles may told you about keeping your blood sugar normal in order to not develop diabetes, but how big exactly the blood sugar and diabetes related? What is the normal diabetes glucose levels? Do pre-diabetes blood sugar levels the same like diabetes? Is it danger to have a high blood sugar level? Here is the fact, when you are diagnosed with diabetes, the glucose, or known as blood sugar, are unusually in high levels compare than other individuals that don’t have it. This may cause you numerous complications over the time. How come it is danger for me? Isn’t high blood sugar means only “sweet”? No, it is not only meant as “sweet”. Let’s take a look at these facts in diabetes sugar levels.

Sugar and diabetes

Previous studies mentioned higher risk of developing diabetes in individuals who consumes too much sugar, the addition of one portion of sweetened beverage will increase your risk up to 15% of developing diabetes. But it is not the only cause in developing the disease. Sugars are a common ingredient in food, it is known as a simple carbohydrate with several forms, such as sucrose, fructose or lactose. To understand how it will affect the body after consuming sugar will make you more aware about the diabetes.
Diabetes is a disease where the person have a high blood sugar level. To diagnose a person with diabetes, sugar levels play an important role. In 2013, approximately 382 million people have diabetes, and it will increase by time. The body have an ability to produce insulin – a hormone made by pancreas that will lower your blood glucose in order to keep the diabetes sugar levels in normal state.
When you eat, all food that you digest will become sugar in your body. This is where the ability of your body is being tested. We need sugar to be a fuel to ensure the body metabolism and energy can keep up with our needs. In order to do that, the sugar in your body needs to be converted to energy and stored in the cell so we can use the energy anytime we want. But in a person who have diabetes, this process is not going too well.
There are 2 type of diabetes:

  1. Diabetes type 1 – this is a disease where the pancreas is completely damage and not producing the insulin
  2. Diabetes type 2 – this is a state when the pancreas is decreasing its function, leading to less insulin in your body

Therefore, if the diabetes blood sugar are not maintain well, it can cause numerous things due to lack of energy and with big molecules of sugar that cannot be stored in the body, it will cause damage to the blood vessels leading to lots of complication, such as retinopathy – it is a state that will make your eye nerves damage and leading to blindness, heart disease, kidney disease, as well as infection and foot ulcers.

Diabetes glucose levels

So, we know about the relationship between sugar and diabetes, and the next question is what the normal level is?
The normal sugar level have to be lower than 100 mg/dL when you are fasting around 8 hours, and have to be less than 140 mg/dL after 2 hours of oral food intake or consuming something. Thus, in some cases, the physician usually diagnose diabetes with some tests such as fasting glucose plasma test, oral glucose tolerance test, or random blood glucose test.
Aside that, it is important to keep yourself healthy and maintain your diabetic sugar levels by remembering these tips:

  • You can have your sweets but control the amount of carbohydrates that you consumed, avoid the one that have high calories intake. Approximately 45-60 grams of carbohydrate per meal is enough, but it depends on your diabetes sugar levels and your physician too. Always ask for a dietitian if you want to figure the right amount.
  • Overweight is one of risk factors that will increase the risk of developing diabetes, you need to maintain but this is not the only cause that lead to diabetes
  • Diabetes is a serious disease, thus it is important to control your diabetes with a routine check appointment with your physician. Diabetes caused 2 people died from complications out of 3 individuals.
  • Limit these kind of sweetened beverage: regular soda, sports drinks, sweet tea, fruit punch, other sugary drinks