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Cinnamon for Diabetes: Could it be a natural remedy which doctors are hiding from us?

Cinnamon is quite a popular spice and is widely used as a flavoring agent for its sweet, warm taste in apple pie, chocolates, buns, doughnuts and what not!! Many of us love cinnamon and many of us also heard that it could be helpful for diabetes. And then the usual doubt hit our mind, is it really helpful? Is it worth a try? Or is it going to be safe to take? And if it is safe, how much should one take? Yes, these were my questions too and I tried to search for some evidence to make sure that I have got answers to all of this questions.

The search for research work on cinnamon and diabetes led me to a case study. The study was conducted on 79 type 2 diabetes patients. The study included two capsules, one filled with 3 grams of cinnamon extract and the other one without cinnamon extract or anything that could produce any effect which is called placebo. The patients took any of these two capsules and they themselves didn’t know who were having cinnamon extract and who weren’t. They took these capsules thrice a day for four months. After four months, the patients taking cinnamon extract showed decreased level of fasting blood glucose. Let’s know first what does fasting blood glucose level means. When you are tested for blood glucose level after 8 hours of fasting, the blood glucose level found after that is called fasting blood glucose. For non-diabetic people, normal fasting blood glucose range is 70-100 mg/dl, in pre diabetes patients the level is 100-125 mg/dl and in diabetes patients it is from 126 mg/dl to higher. The most fascinating thing that was found from this research was, it was more beneficial in patients with higher fasting glucose level. So, it doesn’t matter whether your blood sugar level is in the pre diabetes or diabetes state, it is going to help. And the study also concluded that cinnamon has no bad effect on us. Here is the link of the journal which could help you to get reassured.

Let’s now know about how it works to make you not only knowledgeable but also to make you sure. Cinnamon improves glucose metabolism a lot which in turn helps to maintain the blood glucose level normal. It also contains an active compound or you can say a bioactive compound which gives similar effects like insulin. Insulin is like a key which helps to reach glucose from our blood to cells. Glucose is like a fuel for our cells, without glucose our cells can’t perform their actions. Diabetes patients haven’t got enough insulin to take this glucose from blood to cell and as a result blood glucose level rises. With the help of this bioactive compound in cinnamon, body could find a way to send glucose in cells and this in turn helps to keep the glucose level normal.

[easyazon_image align=”left” height=”160″ identifier=”B00I12QMPQ” locale=”US” src=”” width=”100″]I hope your mind has got cleared up about taking cinnamon for diabetes. Here is a book for you ([easyazon_link identifier=”B00I12QMPQ” locale=”US” popups=”n”]click here for a link[/easyazon_link]), the reviews seem to be quite good for this one- ‘Natural Cinnamon And Honey Cures: Cinnamon Health Benefits, Cures, Remedies, Treatments and Recipes. Boost Energy, Control Diabetes, Cure Arthritis, Prevent Alzheimer’s, Colds, even Weight Loss!’by Patricia Gardner. It also has got reviews of research works on cinnamon. In these days, it is better to get proof before reaching any conclusion. So, I think this will be of help.

Those who don’t like cinnamon, I think it is time that you work on liking it!! And it would be really great to have them in your kitchen now. Add this sweet, warm spice in your savory desserts that you make for yourself and your family and get one step ahead to lead a perfect diabetes free life.

Here we provide cinnamon supplements for diabetics tested by hundreds of people. So many positive reviews can’t be wrong, take a look.

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