is diabetes hereditary

Diabetes Hereditary – Do I Have A Choice?

Is anyone in your family diabetic?? You might be thinking why this question concerns you, but the fact is that diabetes has a lot to do with hereditary than just lifestyle. Man has made expeditious progress in the last few decades but these innovations have not come smoothly. They have carried with them a lot of perils and diabetes is one of them. Diabetes is also called a silence disease which has encapsulated the lives of nearly every individual in this modern age. Diabetes has strong relation with hereditary. It is a genetic influenced disease and according to Lansing state Journal, around 80% of all the diabetic patients have at least one family member with this illness. To know about diabetes hereditary, you first have to know about different types of diabetes. There are two types of Diabetes, Type 1 and Type 2. Both the type of diabetes are influenced by genetics but the relative influence of hereditary varies between both types.

Diabetes hereditary in different type of Diabetes

Type 1:

This type of diabetes is prevalent among the children and young people. It refers to a condition when the body stops making insulin which is used to turn food into energy. It is thus known as insulin dependent diabetes. According to American Diabetic Association, the role of hereditary in type 1 diabetes is limited. Type1 diabetes is triggered by many other factors than just genes. One of them is the environment. It has been found that the type1 diabetes thrives more in cold climate, so the people living in cold areas are more vulnerable to, so the people living in cold areas are more vulnerable to type1 diabetes. The other factor that comes into play is the early diet. People who have been breastfed have less chances of developing type1 diabetes. So type1 diabetes is quite rare and up to this time, no single established factor has been found which explain the cause for type1 diabetes

Type 2:

The type2 diabetes has a lot of influence of genetics. According to ‘Global Diabetic Community’ there is 75% chance that you will inherit diabetes if both of your parents have diabetes. Also if you are a twin and your sibling has diabetes then there is 90% chance that you would also develop diabetes. This type2 diabetes is also triggered by family lifestyle, e.g. if obesity runs in your family than you are more likely to develop diabetes. The type 2 diabetes is prevalent in people who are above and over 35 years of age, so it’s a silent and steady disease which builds up over a period of time.

This means I am left with no choice?

Well, not really. It’s quite true that genetics have their part in developing diabetes but both the types of diabetes are not entirely genetically determined. They are many other factors which are either initiator or accelerators of diabetes and these are well within the control of every human being. Your lifestyle and diet are such factors which if monitored carefully can prevent you from becoming diabetic. Regular and moderate physical activity is a pre-requisite to avoiding diabetes. Both Men and women are required to have physical output to achieve insulin efficiency and maintaining blood sugar level. In diet, you should consume healthy and wholesome food like fruits, grains, fiber etc. You should also monitor your glucose level on regular basis especially if diabetes is in your family. Even if your parents have diabetes, you can avoid it if you maintain a healthy lifestyle .There is no shortcut for success in life and there is no bigger a success than having good health. It is your body and you have complete control over it. If you are not yet diagnosed with diabetes then there is still time left. So start working now for a better and healthy life.