Diabetes and Sex

So This is it? Diabetes and Sex – A Misunderstood Combination

Diabetes is a disease that in order to be well managed , the patient should make some lifestyle modifications such as reduction of sweets, reduction of calories consumed, healthy eating, physical exercise, smoking cessation. What about diabetes and sex? Many diabetics have the wrong belief that their disease would immediately cause reduction or inability in their sexual life. This thought sometimes is enough to cause problems during sex.

It is well known that sex is an activity controlled by brain. If you don’t want to make sex, you can’t do sex. If you are afraid of doing sex , you will probably fail to do sex, or at least to enjoy it. The concern of sex performance is able to affect sexual life to such an extent that the patient cannot act normally and fail to achieve a complete sexual action.

Beyond the mind-sex connection , diabetes and sex can be affected by pathological factors. Atherosclerosis for example is able to cause problems to the blood flow of the vessels that are responsible for erectile functioning. The woman might also face problems related to the lubrication of the vagina. Uncontrolled glucose levels, in long term could cause problems to the nerves and affect man’s erectile activity and decrease woman’s vagina sensitivity. Also women with uncontrolled diabetes might face more often infections of the urinary system and this makes sex painful. Another concern that diabetics face is depression, which is an important factor that affects sexual life. Furthermore some drugs taken to treat depression or high blood pressure, might result to problems on woman’s sexual functionality or man’s erectile activity. Although both diabetic women and men face problems on sex, women do not express their concerns that often.

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The first steps a diabetic man or woman has to do when facing a problem related to sex, is to discuss it with their doctor. After the appropriate examination the doctor will advice the patient on the next steps. Lifestyle modifications play a key role and sometimes are enough to solve the problem. Reduction in body weight, physical exercise, cessation of smoking , are factors that help the patient regain self-confidence, control better their blood sugar and reduce the blood pressure. Psychological support and discussion is also a good alternative to support the patient. If these changes are not enough, then it is time for medication. Depending on the problem, women might need modification on the diabetic drugs they take ,or might need hormone replacement. For the man there is a number of drugs used to help the erectile functionality and are considered to be safe. The most famous are Viagra, Levitra and Cialis. They are widely available but no one should take them before doing the appropriate examinations and without the doctor’ s advice. Even if this solution is not effective, there are surgical procedures that can help man in order to achieve joy in his sexual functionality.

What is important is that today, doctors and medicine have a lot of solutions in order to improve sexual life of diabetics. Sex is not a taboo and diabetics should not be afraid to talk about their problem to the doctor. Sex and diabetes can be combined safely as long as there is doctor’s advice and the diabetic has realistic expectations!