The Diabetic Bible: Your All-in-One Guide to Living Well with Diabetes by Editors of Publications International Ltd.

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What does the book cover?
This book is great for new diabetic patients who want to know more about diabetes, complications, testing, and recipes. It also elaborated how the medications work and also gave a glimpse of carbs count which is really helpful to start with.

Does it include exercises?
No, the book didn’t include information on exercises.

Could the recipe be easily followed?
The recipes are good enough to follow and cook. Even for a bad cook, the instructions are simple.

Is the program difficult to implement in our daily life?
Like most of the readers, I also felt the instructions are easy to implement as the book already provided me enough knowledge to understand diabetes.

Is it costly to follow the directions?
The food list provided by the book is not that big, which means may be you need to buy new things which will cost you definitely.

Does it help to lose weight?
Most patients found it helpful for maintaining glucose level but it is not that good for losing weight.

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