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Essential Pre Diabetes Symptoms That Every Human Being Has To Know

Most people who are not suffering from diabetes or who has just crossed the marginal line of blood sugar level have a common question: what are the pre diabetes symptoms? Well, the answer to this is important not only for you but also for people around you to live a healthy, diabetes free life.

Having pre diabetes symptoms doesn’t necessarily mean that you will get diabetes but there is a huge chance of getting it. Blurred vision for a brief period of time is common in people who have crossed the marginal line of blood sugar level but still haven’t got enough glucose to have diabetes. Blurred vision arises because your body can’t control the sugar level, may be a moment ago it was normal but suddenly the level spiked and this up and down usually impair the ability of our vision and this blurry sensation would go way once the sugar level again gets back to the normal.
Excessive thirst can be seen in people suffering from pre diabetes and diabetes. As a normal rule, when you drink more, you are going to go for frequent urination. So, with excessive thirst comes frequent urination. The third important one is the slow healing of wounds or cuts. You may be thinking now, what is the relationship between blood sugar levels with slow healing? As the sugar level rises, the blood circulates more slowly which in turn lead to the slow repairing of any skin damage.

symptoms of pre diabetes

People suffering from pre diabetes also suffer from fatigue. It is a bit interesting because you have got enough glucose in your blood, so naturally your cells should have got enough of them to utilize and keep functioning but rather you feel fatigue!!! It is because; this is the time when insulin resistance develops. Insulin is the medium that take this sugar to cells and without insulin the sugar can’t enter your cells. But when you suffer from pre diabetes, this process starts malfunctioning and as a result more and more glucose stays in your blood without getting metabolized.
Another simple but yet observable sign is darkened skin areas. This is known as acanthosis nigricans which leads to dark skin patches at the back of neck, elbow, and armpits. Most importantly, it may also happen that you didn’t notice any of these signs but still you have pre diabetes. So what to do now? To know for sure, you need go for check. And remember having pre diabetes means your sugar level is higher but not that much to cause diabetes.

Fortunately for you, there are some easy solutions which could help you escape diabetes. Firstly you need to revise your diet plan. Add more fibrous foods and minerals in your plan, take more fruits and don’t forget to avoid fats and calories. This will certainly give you some benefits. Oh! And do some exercises, a brisk walk for 30-40 minutes, cycling, swimming- these are all excellent but easy exercises which could reduce the risk. These exercises will also help you lose your extra pounds. Here is a book suggestion for you- ‘[easyazon_link identifier=”1561488011″ locale=”US”]The Mayo Clinic Diabetes Diet[/easyazon_link]’ by Mayo Clinic. This book tried to explain things easily with evidence and the book is easy to follow and easy to be applicable in daily life and most importantly it is not just a recipe book. This book will actually enrich your knowledge and you will know the dos and don’ts. So, follow a proper diet and do some exercises to live more and to live a diabetes free life.

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