symptoms of gestational diabetes

Gestational Diabetes Symptoms: An Alarm for You, a Threat to Your Child

Many of you have already gone through gestational diabetes, many of you are fighting it to keep the risk minimal and many of you have already escaped it. Gestational diabetes has become a threat to expecting moms as this type of diabetes become evident during pregnancy. It doesn’t mean that the cause of diabetes is different for this one; it is same like the other kinds. Yes! Here also blood sugar rises but the alarming fact is, not only the mother but the unborn child also could get affected by gestational diabetes. But with proper caution, keeping oneself alert from the beginning about the symptoms of gestational diabetes, the situation could be kept under control.

gestational diabetes how this happens

Gestational diabetes – how this happens

For every one of us including the expecting mothers, our body converts carbohydrates to glucose. Glucose is required for our cells to do work. The fact is, glucose can’t enter into cells by itself. Here comes insulin!! Insulin takes glucose into cells and in this way our blood glucose level remains normal and our cells keep functioning. Now, try to imagine what will happen if there isn’t enough insulin? The picture is quite fearful. If your body can’t produce enough insulin or if your cells have got problems to respond with insulin, the blood glucose level rises and causes diabetes. If you are pregnant, the situation is quite complicated while dealing insulin. A pregnant woman goes through many hormonal changes and these changes in turn make the cells less responsive to insulin. So, inevitably the blood glucose level rises. In most moms, less response towards insulin doesn’t cause the gestational diabetes, the main cause is the high demand for insulin and a time comes when pancreas couldn’t produce enough insulin to handle high glucose level. This situation has become really very common in expecting mothers and currently, 2-10% of pregnant women develop gestational diabetes, making it one of the most common complications during pregnancy. The scary thing about gestational diabetes is, in most cases pregnant women are living with it without knowing, as the signs of diabetes couldn’t always be understood in expecting moms. The usual symptoms of gestational diabetes or any type of diabetes include excessive thirst, frequent urination, and increased hunger. If you are or were pregnant, you already know, pregnant women often develop a tendency to urinate and eat more than usual.

So, how will you know whether you have developed gestational diabetes? To know, you have to be tested. The test is usually suggested during 24th -28th weeks of pregnancy and after getting the result you may get shocked as the result shows you suffering from gestational diabetes!! It is really important to take the test as it can create complications not only for you but also for your baby. If the glucose level is too high, it is going to enter in your baby’s blood. To deal with this extra glucose baby’s pancreas will need to produce more insulin. This extra glucose and excess insulin production may cause the baby to gain weight especially in the upper portion. This condition could turn to cause macrosomia. Macrosomic babies are too large to reach into birth canal or your baby’s head may have entered the birth canal but the shoulders couldn’t. In this situation, your doctor has to take different maneuvers to deal it and in many cases, this can lead to vaginal injury. Sorry to say, but the nightmare still hasn’t ended. Sometimes, this delivery can lead to baby’s bone fracture and damage of nerves. Don’t get scared!! I have got some good news for you! Around 99% of babies could recover this damage and most mothers usually get rid of this gestational diabetes after delivery though they are prone to develop diabetes type 2 later.

Enough with the tension! Relax!! And yes, there are ways to control gestational diabetes. The best way to control is to change the diet chart and there is nothing more helpful than healthy exercises. No, don’t try to make the change in your diet chart by yourself, consult your doctor and if you blood sugar level still remains high even after checking foods and doing exercises, the doctor will prescribe medications. And always remember, you are not alone now, you are carrying another life with you, so try to live a healthy life to give birth to healthy life.

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