The Insulin-Resistance Diet-Revised and Updated: How to Turn Off Your Body’s Fat-Making Machine by Cheryle Hart, Mary Kay Grossman

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What does the book cover?

The book covered supplements, what to eat, what not to eat and moreover, exercises.

Does it include exercises?
This book is a blessing for patients suffering from insulin resistance which covered easy diets, combined proteins with carbohydrates and gave us hope!

Could the recipe be easily followed?
It didn’t say anything about exercises.

Is the program difficult to implement in our daily life?
The recipes are quite easy to follow as like the other books it just didn’t tell you to drop carbs, rather it combined carbs with proteins. It’s a really good one to follow.

Is it costly to follow the directions?
It is really a user friendly book and the directions are not costly to follow.

Does it help to lose weight?
Especially it worked on insulin resistance patients as a miracle. Most of them had lost weight and still they are healthy and energetic!

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