cure your diabetes with honey

Little Known Facts About Honey And Diabetes – And Why They Matter

The rates of diabetes are rising and now identified as epidemic in medical communities. Report from an American association stated, near about 24 million Americans are suffering from it and it is the seventh leading disease which cause people to death. Every one out of four person are diabetic patient those have an age over sixty. In brief, diabetes is typically a well-grounded trouble & an industry of multi billion dollars.

People having diabetes often fall in dilemma! They don’t know whether they should stop consuming sugar, or only reducing the level of consumption is enough to improve their disease condition. Whether they should replace sugar by honey, is another question. Which one is good, sugar or honey! Such confusions are dragging patients back and allowing them to act improperly. Is honey good for diabetics?

Excessive sugars with carbohydrates raise insulin levels. Happening this over periods of time causes weight gain and consequently insulin become resistant. A new study has recently found close relationship between honey and diabetes.
No, I am not going to tell you anything without evidence today as I already know many of you are thinking to avoid taking sugar and replace sugar with honey! The study involved 48 diabetic patients and these patients are then divided into two groups. One of them was taking honey and the other one didn’t. The study was continued for eight weeks. After eight weeks it was observed that the amount of bad cholesterol and blood lipids, both of which are really bad for your body, were decreased and more shockingly their weight had also decreased. Isn’t that amazing!

I know you are also amazed. Another question might have arisen in your mind, what is a bad cholesterol? Bad cholesterols are those which get themselves deposited on arteries. Not all cholesterols are bad. Good cholesterols are essential for our cells to work. But this is not the end of good news. The level of good cholesterol had also increased. So, from this study it is quite clear that after consumption of honey, diabetes patients got benefits in decreasing body weight, blood lipid and increasing good cholesterol.

I know you are not still clear because I am talking about cholesterol, but not diabetes. Here is the thing! Cells which release insulin start malfunctioning if the level of blood cholesterol goes high and as a result enough insulin can’t be produced which in turn leads to increased blood glucose level. So, obviously if the level of bad cholesterol increases, your blood sugar level rises.

So hope now you can understand how honey and diabetes are related and how honey can help! It’s plain as simple. If you take honey instead of sugar it will increase good cholesterol and reduce bad cholesterol in your body.

More proven techniques to help in fight with diabetes

There are few more supplements that can help to reduce cholesterol! Cinnamon, alpha-lipoid acid, garlic, magnesium all are good examples of supplements.

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