The Mayo Clinic Diabetes Diet: The #1 New York Bestseller adapted for people with diabetes by the weight-loss experts at Mayo Clinic

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What does the book cover?
Apart from diets and food exchange, the book also has suggestions on changing habits and the presentation is done so smoothly with simple info graphics that it is understandable to anyone.

Does it include exercises?
The book didn’t include any exercises and though it narrated about food exchange program, it didn’t mention the carbs count.

Could the recipe be easily followed?
The recipes are handy! Easy!! And delicious!!! Whole family can even eat with you.

Is the program difficult to implement in our daily life?
Just to make sure that you don’t feel difficulties, they especially made for you several implementation programs from which you can choose yours.

Is it costly to follow the directions?
They kept the food exchange program so that you don’t have to rush into buying groceries.

Does it help to lose weight?
It is helpful for losing weight in both diabetic and non diabetic patients.

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