diabetes and smoking: deadly combination

Smoking And Diabetes Is Your Worst Enemy. 6 Ways To Defeat It

Smoking is obviously risky for health and a person who smokes might bring additional health related complications.  One pretty example of such complications is diabetes. Today, one can easily identify close relationships between smoking and diabetes.

Diabetes patients those who smoke!

Researchers have found clear evidence that ten out of ten diabetes patients, those are smokers, have very high blood glucose levels; and it is shaping the disease to a new complex height. Due of smoking a diabetes patient has to face additional abnormalities such as nerve damage, heart problems, blindness, dysfunction of kidney etc. A very recent study has already identified the sole criminal responsible for this- yes no surprise, it is typically the nicotine resides in cigarettes.

A chemistry professor of California State University named Xiao Chuan Liu recently presented the outcome of his study from blood and urine samples of ‘smoker diabetes’ patients at a seminar where ties between smoking and diabetes were evident. He has shown that the level of ‘hemoglobin A1c’ (a mixture of hemoglobin and glucose, a smart indicator to measure blood sugar in human body) can be raised by approximately thirty four percent if the nicotine can mix-up with blood samples.

Though doctors knew that smoking can turn diabetes worse, now they can become more precise to identify the real culprit, Liu added. This particular study implies, a healthy person having no current health abnormalities can also be affected through smoking which can lead him to a diabetes patient.

Now we also know that if the A1c level increases in human blood it can eventually create blockages in heart.  One more thing, avoiding conventional cigarettes by taking electronic cigarettes is not safe also as those also contain some sort of nicotine. Merely one way to get rid out of it is to quit smoking, which might sound as a cold turkey, but it is the truth.

 Quit smoking or die?!

Many people seen became institutionalized and think they cannot stop smoking. But is it really true! I don’t think so.

What is required is simple – desire, a distinguished desire! Smoking, a 60th century fashion, which is drying you up and draining you towards nowhere; – cannot win!

One thing to be added, if someone want to quit smoking to save some money, it wouldn’t work! ‘Stop smoking and diabetes killing’ can be a popular slogan.

What if you stop carrying extra cigarettes and pass your leisure in an area where cigarettes are prohibited or at least not abundant. This is just to make some barriers from your side, though it is only possible when you really mean it happens!

One can focus more on eating to avoid smoking. In many cases smokers those quit got involved in physical exercises and sports. Getting busy into something is really vital.

A survey has shown that many people quitted smoking taking therapies & drugs, while some others did that by judging their level in front of others. Its truth no one like smokers, even a smoker himself. People those has commitment towards his friends and family must quit.

Still I can recall some quotes of a quitter. He said, he left smoking because he wants a better sexual life.  There was time when he had consumed 50 stick a day, but now, not a single one. Every time when he thought a cigarette is required he went to church and start praying. He always carries his daughter with him, who was a baby girl. He did all those as he can resist him seeing daughter’s face and concerning her health.

I was a smoker too! One day I went to swim and within five minutes get exhausted. One of my friends was laughing. It was a real shame, but I made this shame working!

For some people reading books to forget about smoking works! Taking supplements like electronic cigars has proved working well, though it is not a good way to go. But those who don’t want to be cold turkey (quitting cigarettes in a one-stop process) can follow such steps.

  • So be focused and narrow down the amount of consumption first, if not stop completely.
  • Eat more and buy something with the money allocated for cigarettes for gifting someone.
  • Never think you are quitting saving some bucks. Rather you can something else.
  • Walk every day and swim
  • Pass more times with your non-smoker mates
  • Focus more on family life and keep planning and scheduling for tomorrow and so on!

diabetes and smoking hazard