alcohol and diabetes: is it good?

Alcohol And Diabetes: Is It Prohibited? The Answer Is Here

The people with Diabetes keep asking this question, whether they still can drink alcohol or wine, despite they are diabetics? Diabetes known as a high sugar rise in blood. Moderate alcohol consumption can cause an increase level of blood sugar that may harm for you and cause more complications due to carbohydrates that belong to wine and other alcoholic drinks, while the excessive alcohol intake will lead you to a low level of blood sugar or known as hypoglycemia .

Aside from that, the alcohol also affect the oral medication that you take along with insulin injection that you have to perform in daily routine. The alcohol excrete from the body with the help from our liver, thus, the big amount of intake in alcohol or wine consumption may impact your liver and in time, may cause the liver failure. When it comes to drinking the alcohol or wine, how much is too much for diabetic people? How can we drink safely while maintaining our diabetes? Here are some tips to lead you into a healthy life in harmony for diabetics.

Diabetes and Alcohol chart

Diabetes and Alcohol Chart: what you should do

1. Know your current diabetes status
We all know that diabetes need to be maintained, therefore, you need to know whether your diabetes are fully controlled or not even controlled at all? Make sure you meet you physician to ensure your diabetes is fully controlled.

2. Always evaluate your blood sugar before and after you drink
It is hard to maintain and observe at the same time, but the way we live should be manage by ourselves, therefore, it is very useful to keep a sugar test in your pocket, it is never too late to start your healthy life.

3. Know the limit
The American Diabetes Association stated that the maximum amount of alcohol consumption for men is 2 glass per day and women is 1 glass per day, thus, if you know your limit with alcoholic drinks, you can still have fun but also be a responsible diabetes patient. Remember that all the hard work will keep you striving a golden period of elderly age.

4. Never mix alcoholic drinks with exercise
The combination of both will never work. The exercise will make your blood sugar decrease as well as the excessive amount of alcohol. Always wear your diabetes I.D to ensure the safety of yourself.

5. Do not take the alcohol or wine with empty stomach
The empty stomach will make the alcohol absorbed into your blood stream rapidly, better consume some food before you take the alcohol in order to reduce the absorption of the alcohol.

6. Remember to be aware of possibility the interaction between medication and alcohol
The insulin or the oral medication may affected from alcohol consumption, therefore, you should aware of the symptoms of hypoglycemia such as nausea, sleepiness, headaches, sweating or weakness.

7. Ensure you have a beverage with zero calories or calorie free that will maintain your hydration status.
The previous research mentioned that alcohol will make you urinate more often, thus, it is important to keep yourself hydrate to control your blood sugar. A couple of zero calorie drinks that you can have for instance: diet tonic water, water, club soda, soda water and iced tea.

So, being a diabetic not restrain you from drinking alcoholic drinks or wine, but yes, in order to keep you healthy, you have limit for the consumption intake. If you choose to drink alcohol, follow the tips to help you keep on track with your blood sugar. I hope this helps, being a responsible diabetic will lead you to healthy life every day. Moreover, you have lot of chances to improve yourself to gain better outcomes!