best bread for diabetics

Choose Your Diabetic Bread Wisely, You Can’t Afford Yourself Any Single Mistake

Several articles, journals, magazines, and books mention the need of choosing your food wisely, especially if you are diabetic. When you shop in a supermarket to do some groceries, you will realize that there are so many brands out there and you probably stunned for a while, thinking what is the best bread for diabetics? Does diabetic bread, even exist? You try to look thorough one by one for small details in the bread counter that shows a sign “bread for diabetics”. Sometimes you are in luck and probably find it, but mostly, not every store has a sign for special things like that. So you tried to remember or maybe even googling to know about the best bread for diabetics, then you stumbled upon this page. Great! Since you are coming into the right place!

There are several things that you have to do about bread for diabetics. Not all bread is diabetic-friendly. That is true! But there are numerous bread too, that can be BFF with your diabetes status. Why we have to choose the one that is friendly to diabetics? Consuming bread that is not appropriate for diabetics sometimes can cause the blood sugar rise due to easily convert carbohydrates that contained in bread to glucose, therefore it will raise your blood sugar and an uncontrolled blood sugar will lead to complications that may harmful for you in the future, such as cardiac disease, nerves, or maybe foot ulcers.

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But first, I will let you know about the most important thing in diabetes 101 of food consumption. All is back to the glycemic index. What is a glycemic index, you say?
Glycemic index or commonly known as GI, is an index that used as reference in blood sugar rise when you eat food that contains carbohydrate. The glycemic index will help you to manage the blood glucose, thus, it is important to know about the glycemic index. There are several levels of glycemic index:

  • Low GI foods – have a glycemic index 55 or less; this includes the whole wheat stone-ground, oatmeal, converted rice, sweet potato, corn, yam, peas, legumes and lentils, also a majority of fruits, vegetables that has no starchy ingredients and carrots.
  • Medium GI foods – have a glycemic index 56-69; this includes the whole wheat, rye, quick oats, and brown rice
  • High GI – have a glycemic index 70 or more; such as white bread, corn flakes, white rice, bagel, bran flakes, pumpkin, melons, rice cakes

So we know about the glycemic index, now, what kind of bread is “good enough” for me? Here is some bread that might help you to maintain your blood sugar

Whole grains -yes, the whole grains are the best bread for diabetics. Especially if you eat the one that was made 100% whole-wheat since it has a less glycemic level. A whole grain bread should contain a starchy part. In order to achieve the best bread for diabetics, it is necessary to ground up the whole grain 100% to ensure that the vitamins, minerals and especially fibers still inside it and make you healthier. Don’t forget that sometimes in the market, they put a label on the plastic surface, read it well. These are some options on whole wheat grain food, so the next time you shop and try to find the proper bread, read this list along, the ingredients have to contain one of these following:

  • Cracked wheat
  • Whole wheat flour
  • Buckwheat flour
  • Whole grain barley

Other than that, there are several breads that best to avoid due to higher glycemic index that will increase your blood sugar, such as the white bread, and any bread that was made from white flour. Here are some tips to watch when you want to buy bread for diabetes:

  • Look for ingredients in bread that was made more than 4 grams of fiber every 100 grams
  • Noted these additional foods that usually given in bread, but not healthy for you – butter, margarine, fatty meats and cheese.
  • Always look for whole-wheat 100% grain bread