foods to avoid with diabetes

There Are Food Which Diabetics Should Avoid!

There is a misconception that diabetics should avoid a great number of foods. Basically this point of view is not realistic because what diabetics should not eat, depends on a number of factors such as the quality of the food, the quantity, the treatment of the diabetic and the level of blood sugar management achieved.

Most of patients with type 2 Diabetes, are obese, so the foods that this category of patients should avoid, are foods high in calories. Eating high caloric foods results to the deterioration of the obesity problem, which makes diabetes even worse and also disorganizes the control of blood sugar. High caloric foods cause a great increase in blood sugar and this is a condition all diabetics should avoid. When talking about high caloric foods we should not only think about many calories in small portion, but we should also consider that high calories can be a result of a large portion. For example it is ok to eat one small fried potato, but eating twice this quantity would result in high calories consumption. The most common foods diabetics should avoid is large portions of sweets and the fast food staff.

Other foods diabetics should avoid, are foods high in fat. Fat is the food group that provides 9 calories for each gram consumed, instead of 4 calories per gram of carbohydrate or protein. Furthermore consuming high fat foods results to increase in LDL cholesterol, which is the bad cholesterol , that affects the cardiovascular health. Except sweets which have lots of fats, another food group that diabetics should avoid eating in large portions and high frequency is high fat meat such as bacon and full fat diaries.

Additionally to the high caloric foods, bad foods for diabetics are high sugar beverages and foods. They result to a sudden increase in blood sugar and later to rapid decrease and might cause hypoglycemia in long term. In this category belong sodas, milkshakes, sweets, fruit juices with sugar, milk with sugar etc. Eating sugar provides satisfaction to the brain, but is a kind of addiction that makes the person to ask for more and the result is to consume more calories and become obese.

When talking about fruits, although they are a good option for diabetics as a snack , what diabetics should avoid is eating lots of fruits as one snack, because this rises their blood sugar and provides many calories. Eating a small banana is not a problem but eating 3 bananas in one time might cause blood sugar elevation. Generally when talking about choices on fruits and vegetables, we should avoid the ones that have a lot of sugars and the ones that are more mature. In addition dried fruits and raisins might increase rapidly blood sugar as fruits’ natural sugars become very concentrated.

Alcohol is another thing diabetics should avoid. It is not forbidden to drink alcohol, but avoiding it decreases the possibility of causing hypoglycemia and reduces the number of empty calories you consume.

Diabetics’ diet does not have forbidden foods, they can eat everything but in small portions and not very frequently. There are a number of foods that diabetics should avoid in order to achieve better blood sugar management. The better they control their diabetes the less foods they have to avoid. A diabetic who is not insulin-dependent has less foods to avoid , but co-morbidities increase the list of forbidden foods for diabetics. Most of the foods that are considered unhealthy for the general population , belong to the bad foods for diabetics.